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Saturday, May 4, 2013

10 excuses for not doing your homework

It's 1:00 AM. When you suddenly realize that you have homework due to next day.
- Now you got a problem. Either you are gonna make them now at 1:00 AM or copy someone tomorrow in class.
But what if the class you have homework for starts in the morning? - What are you gonna do now?

Here are 10 ideas to say that you didn't do it. Without mentioning that you didn't do it.
  1. Your dog ate it. That's a classic, but it isn't safe. If the homework wasn't a written assignment, but something else. It really just doesn't work. But if you do have a dog, then take a piece of paper and make some writing on it. Just the way you wanted to write the beginning, then give it to your dog and make sure he tears it apart. And if there isn't much dog drool on it, then wet it and dry it a bit. That way it will look real. Then you take your "homework" to school and say. "That is all I have left" 
  2. I am really sorry. My grandmother had a stroke last night and we were at the hospital with her. We didn't think she'd make it. *teary eyes*

    *This usually only works if you have parents that are willing to play along, just incase your teacher calls them and asks about it.*  - Or else you'd probably get grounded for life, if you get caught.
  3. My computer broke down That is, if the essay was to due on computer and not paper.
  4. "I left my book at school and did it on a separate sheet of paper. - I forgot to put it in my bag this morning."
  5. Homework? I don't remember getting any homework? Play as you don't remember that. Your teacher doesn't know that you actually do remember it. - * If your classmates doesn't play along, then ..your screwed..*
  6. I didn't understand the homework and ask if he/she will try to explain how to do it and actually do it.
  7. I had too much homework from  _insert class_ and I didn't have time for the homework you gave
  8. I've been really busy with volunteer work and other activities you go to in your spare time. 
  9. I left it at home Be careful though. If you live near school. You'll probably get the "Then go home and get it"
  10. Tell the truth teachers hear a lot of excuses everyday, so try to even it out a bit. Or you could just do your homework.. for once.
That was 10 ways to say, that you didn't do what you should have done for school. 
Should I make a "10 funny and not serious ways to say you didn't do your homework." - Just for fun?

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