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Friday, April 26, 2013

10 Types of people on Facebook

There are a lot of people on Facebook. And we could probably write many books about this whole thing. But we won't.

Here are 10 types of people on Facebook

  1. The Quiet one. He doesn't update his status, not too often he might like something. When you are having a conversation with him, he might sneak in a "Oh yeah, I saw you posted it on Facebook" You know he is there, you just can't see him.
  2. The hijacker Have you tried posting an update on your Facebook, and then later see it have been taken over.? Not shared, but stolen. Some person took it, maybe he spiced it up with a change of a few words. - And then he got a ton of likes.
  3. The promoter This one only post links to his owns blogs/website or whatever. And invite people to concerts and stuff.
  4. The gamer Oh the game requests, it's really annoying when it is a game you don't play. and don't want to play. It takes up the whole news feed. Just click hide. There we go, much better :-)
  5. The "I hate my life" Every single status is all alike "I hate my life" "I don't want to live anymore" and so on.
  6. The "Quoter" They simply copy and paste a wise quote - instead of coming up with their own.
  7. The announcer "New Iphone just released" The minute it happens, he will post it on Facebook! 
  8. The "short story guy" going to bed" "I am eating.." those short "stories" that nobody really cares about. - But then again, who cares about anything on Facebook?
  9. The Showoffs "Just got promoted".  "So happy, got an A on my test" And so on. It's okay to say that you hit a good luck strike, but you can do it in a subtle way. So it isn't as annoying.
  10. The comedians always have funny one-liners to spice up our news feed. We want to even out the sad updates. I wish I had some more of these type of friends on Facebook.
This was the list of 10 types on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed it.
Which one are you? Or maybe a type that isn't on the list? yet.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 things I hate about facebook

Today Facebook is almost a necessity. Facebook was created in 2004 and now has over 1 billion users! - That's a lot of people.
I registered on facebook in 2008, 14 years old. - At that time it wasn't such a big deal. All it was was a site to contact your friends and play games with them. Now it is f*cking everything! - And everywhere too!
Share this, buy this, join that. Like us on Facebook.. And so on..

10 Things I hate about Facebook

  1. It's a necessity. - A lot of people probably had the feeling that they were addicted to it at one point. - I know I have been. Addiction is never good. You also have all you friends here. If you don't have a Facebook, you'd be left out..
  2. The interface changes - They change the interface too often, and then in the beginning when people have gotten the fully changes of the layout. They freak out and all they talk about is how crappy a layout they have made. A month later. "It's okay, I don't even remember how it used to look." The latest change was "The timeline" - yes it was annoying at first. But soon I realized, that, I don't look at my own profile.. I don't even look at other peoples profile - that often ;-) I just look at my news feed. That's it. - And no, I do not remember how the old layouts looked like.. Do you?
  3. The game invitations I don't blame ya. - I love many of those games myself, - But only when it's a game I play, or actually want to play. One way to get out of this is, to simple block the game requests from either a specific person or the game itself.  - That is possible you know. - No need to delete us people. really.
  4. Updates imported from Twitter. Tweets belong to Twitter, Tweet on Twitter and Update your status on Facebook. Just hold them separate.
  5. Where's the dislike button? The dislike button has been a thing every person on Facebook have been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, there is no signs of it. I am very happy with the "like" button instead of the "Be a fan" button. A "like" is great to give when someone have been engaged or in a relationship, but not when the bunny or family member dies. A dislike button would be appreciated much! - Agreed?
  6. The Poke. I don't get it. That is probably why I hate it. But really though. What's it for? 
  7. Annoying people When people write things like "I love you so much _insert name_" and the other person respond in a comment. Yes, it's cute that you love each other. But these people are rarely no further than a couples of blocks away from each other. Like, why don't you just tell to his/her face that you love them. Instead of telling the whole world. Or just call them. We don't need to hear it. 
  8. The Duckface This is self explainable. Girls - The duckface ain't pretty. Just face it. Unfortunetly this isn't just on Facebook, but also on a lot of other sites.
  9. "Like for heaven. Ignore for hell" I really hate this. A picture with to half's. one with heaven, one with hell. - No I will not like this. Who the h*ll invented this shit? The same with "Like this if you're against racism". And "share this and something awesome will happen". No, there will not! Just stop it. Stop it right there.
  10. When people post ";( "as a status, then people write, "whats wrong" and they either say, "it's nothing, don't worry" or "chat".  Really, you can tell the world that you aren't happy and then you don't want to tell what's wrong.? Alright fine, but don't come running and saying nobody cares..
I probably have a ton more of these hates about Facebook - Comment below if  I should make a " 10 things I hate about facebook 2"?

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